Tumbl with NikLotus!

Apr 14



The Adventures of Batman and Bear-Robin!
In Gif form! :P

How can we get this turned into an animated series that Cartoon Network will only sometimes air?

Nov 10
Nov 10

"A Christmas Carol" audio drama auditions! →

: One week til audition deadline for my “A Christmas Carol” audio drama - read up & get your clips in!!!! :-D

Nov 01

Yellowcard is love. →

Pass it on.  <3 <3 <3

Oct 24

http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=wjoDRFEhh9K3Y2yBkkxmJQ&u=/watch?v=VF6cmddWOgU&feature=share →

Oct 21

Fulfillment & Phone Volunteers: Sign Up Now to Help with KOSU Phones! →

KOSU Radio listeners, the pledge drive is just around the corner! Be sure to make your contributions at KOSU.org, and if you want to volunteer, here’s the link to sign up. I’ll be there!

Oct 20

Haunting at Cliffhouse →

Looking for a fun little point-and-click adventure for the Halloween season? Give this one a try. It’s a good mix of puzzles, interesting story and good, old-fashioned haunting and intrigue. I also have a small role in it. 

Oct 20

A classic for the season →

The Count Censored

Oct 16

Teen Titans Abridgled, Episode 1 →

First episode - featuring ME as Raven!!!  :-D

Oct 13

http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?u=/watch?v=pnb05Ec3Gug&feature=share&list=PL_rvPfHitTkxKIH9e8ECVERzI4Q2VpPER&a=VlR4rqQECZNLm1BEw6Cexw →

My buddy @CaptainPlayGuy takes on Sonic Unleashed!